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      Chloride series
      Benzyl chloride series
      Benzaldehyde series
      Benzoic acid series
      2-Chlorobenzyl chloride
      Product Name: 2-Chlorobenzyl chloride  
      Molecular Formula: C7H6Cl2
      Molecular Weight: 161.0285
      CAS NO.: 611-19-8
      Structural Formula:  
      Properties: Melting Point: -17℃
      Boiling Point: 213~214℃
      Relative Density: 1.2699
      Index of Refraction: 1.5895
      Use: It is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide with contact toxicity and stomach toxicity. It has high efficiency, low residue and long period of validity. It prevents pear trees from psylla chinensis and some soil insects, kills kinds of lepidopterous larvae and also has the function to avoid some adult insects.
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