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      Benzoyl Peroxide
      Product Name: Benzoyl Peroxide  
      Molecular Formula: C14H10O4
      Molecular Weight: 242.22
      CAS NO.: 94-36-0
      Structural Formula:  
      Properties: white crystalline powder, m.p.: 103-106℃. Slightly soluble in water and ethanol,inflammable; will explode when heated or impacted.
      Use: As initiator of resin polymers, catalyst of organic reaction, modifier of flour; also used in the manufacture of medicines and pesticides.
      Quality Spec.: 1. Appearance: white granules
              assay: ≥98%, (dry basis); moisture: 20-25%;
      2. Appearance: white powder
              assay: ≥98%, (dry basis); moisture: 20-22%
      Packing: 20KG, 25KG carton, 50KG cardboard drum.


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